Word Search

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Find the most words in the time limit to win this game!

Number of participants: 1+
For: For kids over 7 years, youths and adults.
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: Download or create a word search.
Equipment: Word Search, Pencils

A word search can be a party contest, or simply a hand out that can be passed out during a party or as a take home activity.  For a party contest,  the rules are simple.  Find as many words as possible in the pre-determined time limit (ex. 5 mins) or by the end of the party.  If the game lasts until the end of the party, have children hand in their word search when they have completed.  Awards can be handed out based on completing the word search, finding the most words, or just handing out a small prize for any child who has participated.  For a timed game, award the child who finds the most words the winner.

For a themed party, download or create a word search for that theme (ex. baseball theme would have the words: bat, ball, diamond, etc…)

Word searches can be purchased or downloaded from the internet.

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