Word Find

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The kid who finds the most words will win this timed game!

Number of participants: Not specified
For: For kids over 7 years, youths and adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: Paper, Pencils

Begin by passing out a piece of paper and pencil, pen, or crayon to each child participating.  Set a time limit for the game (1 or 2 minutes is the recommended length of time).  Give a phrase to the players to write down on their paper (or type a phrase on each sheet of paper in advance).  The phrase given should reflect the theme or purpose of the party (a birthday party should have a birthday phrase, a Halloween party should have a Halloween phrase).  For example the phrase “Happy Birthday Timmy” will have such words as birth, day, hit, bay, etc…  On the word “Go!”, players will try to find as many words inside the given phrase as possible and write them down. The player who has found and written down the most correct words wins the game.   Prizes can be handed out.

*This game is only recommended for children who are of a reading and writing age.

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