Who am I? party game

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A winner can be chosen or just let the fun keep going through the night. It helps meet new people too.

Number of participants: 5+
For: adults.
Intensity level: High
Preparations: Depending on who your guests are, you can choose your theme.  Some choices are music, art, bands, songs and others.  Write down the answer on a 3/5 index card and tape them to each of your guests backs.  They are allowed to ask yes or no questions of who they could be.  They just can't ask the same person over and over but need to ask each in a row first.
Equipment: Theme, people or titles, index cards, pen

The Who am I? game helps to break the ice at any party.  The host will need to decide the theme of the party according to the guests that will be attentding.  A theme can be about music, art, bands and even wine.  A index card will be needed for each guest.  On each index card will be a name that goes with the theme of the party, such as the name of a song or a famous artist. Each guest that comes to the party will get an index card that will be taped to their back.  Through the evening each player will need to ask other guests hints of what is on their index card.  Are they a male or a female, living or mineral and many other questions can be asked.   A winner is not needed but one can be chosen.  It is just a great exscuse to get to know people that you have not yet met.  Who knows, you may even learn about things or people that you have never heard of or would have never known about unless you went to the party.  So grab a drink, relax and just have some fun.

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