Wheelbarrow Race

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A great game with laughs and energy, the Wheelbarrow Race is played with pairs of children pretending to push each other as a wheelbarrow!

Number of participants: 3+
For: For kids and youths aged 7-16
Intensity level: High
Preparations: none
Equipment: none

Divide into teams of 2 and determine the start and finish lines. One player on a team will be the wheelbarrow and the other player is to be the pusher. The wheelbarrow gets down on hands and knees at the start line. The pusher picks up the wheelbarrow by the knees or ankles with both hands and on the word “Go!”, all wheelbarrows race to the finish line.  The teams will probably stumble and fall, making this race very challenging.  The first pair completely across the line wins the race.

*This race can also be done as a tournament.  Each race will be one heat, one team versus another.  Each team to win will compete in the next heat.  Game play will continue, until the final heat between only two teams.  The team across the finish line first will be declared the winners of the tournament.

*Awards or prizes can be handed out to all participants and winners.

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