Water Keep Away

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Protecting the ball without getting tagged is the way to win this wet and wild keep-away game.

Number of participants: 5-10Not specified
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: a beachball

Begin by designating one player as “It.” The object of the game is to avoid getting tagged while preventing It from catching a beach ball. Players disperse throughout the pool, or in the shallows of a lake (or ocean) near the shore. One player begins by throwing the beach ball to another player. It tries to intercept it or tag the player who catches it. If a player with the ball is tagged, he/she also becomes a member of the It team, trying to intercept the ball and tag players. If It intercepts a ball, the player who threw it becomes a member of the It team. Play continues until only one player remains who is not on the It team. He/she is the Water Keep Away winner.

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