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Hand Jobs Adult Party Game

(5 votes)

- "Very fun game, instructions are clear and it takes almost no time to learn. Lots of innuendo and silly/dirty tasks, as the name of the game would suggest. It'll be a regular part of my party game rotation."

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Quickwits Party Card Game -- A Fun and Social Adult Game

(258 votes)

- "A friend brought this for a gathering and it was so much fun that I had to buy my own set! Definitely excited to have on hand for upcoming holiday get-togethers. Creates a lot of laughs and memories- but for adults of course!"

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5 Second Rule

(1567 votes)

- "Fun, quick game that can be adapted for different ages"

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Go Fish Yourself Adult Party Game

(255 votes)

- "This game is hilarious. It's short, sweet and to the point. You match a pair and follow the instructions on both of the cards that you paired. I played this with a group of friends and it was the funniest thing we've ever done. The replayability with just the one pack is rather dull which is why I gave it 4 stars, but once you get a few packs this game is amazing. Some of the most fun I've ever had while spending a night in."

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Quick And Dirty - An Offensively Fun Party Game

(50 votes)

- "Played this game on thanksgiving, hilarious. Its not for kids, or to be played while they are in the same room?. Played w/couples & just us ladies. Laughed so hard our faces hurt."

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Hot Seat - The Adult Party Game About Your Friends

(70 votes)

- "Ranks right up there with cards against humanity only it's better since you get to write your answer. It's easy to play and your can easily change the rules to make it more interesting, like instead of having to go the hot seat person's answer you have that person vote on the best answer given. Either way, my friends and I played it and were laughing hysterically after about five minutes."

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The Awkward Storyteller - Party Game That Involves Everyone in Fun, Laughter and Creative Story-Telling

(10 votes)

- "This is one of the best games I've ever played. I'm not just talkin' about card games, either. I mean all games."

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Humanity Hates the Holidays (80 White Cards, 30 Black Cards) - The Adult Card Game For Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Kwanza

(32 votes)

- "If you are a CAH fan these are a great addition."

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Reverse Charades Board Game - Fun & Hilarious Family Games - For All Ages - Perfect for Parties and Gatherings

(549 votes)

- "Had fun playing this on a coast trip with a group of women friends. Need to create a system of keeping track of whose turn it is to perform and who's guessing on a team. Women who were reluctant to play regular charades found acting things out in a group more fun. Lots of laughter and hilarity for all."

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Cranium Dark Game

(63 votes)

- "This is better version of cranium. Few of the action cards are impossible to do but a lot of them are funny. They should make them easier to do."

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