Three Legged Race

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An oldie but goodie! Partners work together to race across the finish line using only 3 legs!

Number of participants: 3+
For: For kids and youths aged 7-16
Intensity level: High
Preparations: Buy or Make Ties. Use scarfs, ribbons, or stockings.
Equipment: Ties

This high energy, fun game is well-loved by all children.  To begin, establish a starting and finish line at least 20 feet apart (distance the lines further away for older children).  Then divide the children into 2 player teams. Attach a tie to one player’s left leg and the other player’s right leg.  This creates the third leg that the players must work together to control.  Allow the teams to practice walking together for a few minutes and getting comfortable with the tie before lining them up at the starting line. On the word “Go!”, each pair must work together to reach the finish line first.   Teams will tumble and fall as they race against each other.  The first team across the finish line wins the race.

*This race can also be a tournament race.  Completed in heats, each round will eliminate half of the teams competing until only one team remains as the victor!

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