Taste Test

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Some will turn up their noses, while others will lick their lips, in this food-inspired game.

Number of participants: Not specified
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: Place 5 to 15 food samples in paper cups. Check to make sure none of the players have any food allergies before you begin.
Equipment: blindfolds, 5-15 food samples, plastic spoons, paper cups

Players put on their blindfolds and use plastic spoons to sample food items placed inside paper cups. As a group, without looking, they try to identify the tastes, passing the cups around to confirm or deny their guesses. The game continues until all of the tastes have been positively identified.

Note: Examples of food items are peanut butter, instant coffee, cheese, milk, sugar, salt, garlic powder, olive oil, vinegar, raisins, bread crumbs, etc. For older players, try curry powder, fennel, corn starch, and more exotic items. Try to mix up tastes, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, for variety.

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