Task Jar

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Give the bride to be a task for her to accomplish during the night.

Number of participants: Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: When the guests arrive for the party, have them write down a task for the bride to be and leave a message for her at the bottom with a signature.  Place them all in a jar and grab your camera.
Equipment: jar, paper, pen

“Task Jar” is good way to start the party for the bride to be.  When each guest arrives for the party, have them write on a piece of paper a task that they need the bride to be to accomplish during the night. At the bottom have them leave a nice message for the bride to be and sign it.  The message can be about your friendship with the bride to be or some advice for her upcoming marriage.  Each message will be put into a jar for the bride to be to pick one out at random.  Some ideas that you can have her do is to find a bald man and kiss his head. To top that off, have her leave lip marks.  Take a picture every time she does one of the tasks, not to embarrass her but for a memento for later.  Another one could be to find a man with the same name as her groom and kiss him.  Make her do a shot like a Duck Fart or any funny sounding one because you are doing it for the name anyway.  When you get the pictures back later from the party put them in a album with the messages from her guest so she can keep them to remind her of that night.

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