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Suck for a Buck T-shirt

This is a very popular game for bachelorette parties.  It is also very simple and cheap to make for the party.  All you will need is a plain white t-shirt.  You can buy a package of three for under 10 dollars at most stores.  A few packages of Lifesavers will also be needed to add to the t-shirt.  In order to get the Lifesavers to stick on the t-shirt, you will need to wet one side of the candy with water.  Now stick them all over the t-shirt but not too close together.  At the top or somewhere on the front of the t-shirt write “Suck for a Buck”.  The bachelorette  will wear the t-shirt out that night and men can suck a Lifesaver from the shirt for a buck.  She can either use the bucks that she has made for drinks or keep it.  Buying drinks for the girls is always a better choice.