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Suck and Blow

The game, “Suck and Blow” has a very funny and outrageous name but is very fun to play by both male and female players.  Once all of your guests have arrived or you have finished another game, have all your guests sit in a circle.  They must sit boy girl boy girl and so on around the circle.  You will need one normal size playing card.  To start the game, have either a female or male player put the card flat side on their lips and suck.  This will cause the card to stick to their lips.  They must turn to their neighbor on the right and pass the card by only using their lips.  The neighbor will suck on the card to stick it to their lips.  The game will go on until three misses with the card have accrued.  If any player drops the card, they must kiss their neighbor on the right.  This game can be pretty intimate and create many laughs.