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Sway your hips to nail a apple to a board and win!

Number of participants: 3-5Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: High
Preparations: You will need two or four boards, nails and a hammer. Hammer the nails into the board so that the nails come out the other side st least an inch.  You can use as many nails and in whatever pattern you like.  The farther apart the nails, the harder to make the apple stick.  You will also need belts, string and apples for each player.
Equipment: apples, belts, string, nails, boards, hammer

“Sniper” is a unique game.  I recommend having either two players against each but no more than four.  You will need a board that you can hammer nails into but make sure that the nails come out the back at least an inch.  Set the boards in front of each player with the nail tip side facing them.  Next you will need belts fastened around each players waist with string hanging from the buckle of the belt.  Tie the string to an apple so that it can swing freely.  Now have each player stand in front of each board.  The object of the game is to pin the apple to the board by the nails.  The players can do this by swinging their hips to make the apple sway back and forth towards the board of nails.  You can have two players or up to four players playing against each other.  The first to stick their apple to the board of nails is the winner.

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