Shape Memory Game

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This memory game is easy to prepare and fun for young children!

Number of participants: 1-5
For: For kids under 6 years.
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: Draw 5 shapes on 10 index cards (2 trianges, 2 squares, etc...).
Equipment: Index Cards with Shapes

Begin by creating playing cards.  To do so, draw shapes on index cards.  Be sure to create matching cards (i.e. a triangle should be drawn on two index cards, a square should be drawn on two index cards, etc…)  Create a minimum of at least 5 matching pairs.  Place these cards face down on a table and mix them up.  Allow one child to choose 2 cards and flip them over to see the shapes. If the shapes on the cards match, the child keeps that pair and the next child plays. If the cards do not match, then they are placed back in their spots face down. The next child then plays.  Every time a pair is matched up, the child will get to keep the cards.  Once all the cards are matched and picked up, the child with the most cards wins the game.

*Cards can also be purchased or printed from the internet.

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