Say Something Nice

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Everyone will feel warm and fuzzy after playing this simple icebreaker game.

Number of participants: 3+
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: a tennis ball, soft rubber ball, or Nurf ball.

Everyone in the group should sit in a circle. The host gives a ball to one of the players, and then says something nice about the player. For example, “I like your hair” or “You have a nice smile” or “That color looks so good on you” etc. The person who receives the ball and the compliment then has to pass, throw or roll the ball to another player and say something nice about him/her. The game continues until everyone receives the ball and hears something nice said.  Try to avoid repeats.

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2 Responses to “Say Something Nice”

  1. Emily says:

    I’ve played this game plenty of times with my girls, and it’s always a success. I find it’s great to play when parties are beginning to get a bit boisterous; it manages to calm everyone done!

  2. Savannah R. says:

    This is one of those ball-toss games, I’ve seen so many of them… but, to me, this seems like more of a girls’ game. Boys don’t normally say those things, unless they are nice. Does anyone have a ball-toss game that 6-year-old boys would like? P.S. They have a very short attention span, and not very cooperative.
    Any suggestions? You could also just give me some games in general, rather than a ball-toss game, but that would be mush appreciated.

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