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Answer the Queens call or become a wench and work your way back up.

Number of participants: Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: You will need to decide on what the names of the ranks will be and what order.  Write them on place cards and tape them to the chair.
Equipment: chairs and place card for the ranks

At first “Revolution” looks like a difficult game but once you start, it is pretty easy.  This is a bachelorette game but could be changed for another genre of party with just a bit of tweaking.  It is similar to musical chairs but without the music.  You need a row of chairs and place them in order of rank.  Label each chair with the rank on place cards so there is no confusion.  What kind of rank you ask?  This is the fun part.  Your chairs will be placed in order from Queen (who is the bachelorette), Prime Minister, Princess, Duchess, Countess, Lady, Courtesan, Priestess, Gypsy, Maid and finally, a Wench.  The rest of the players will take a seat and become the rank of the chair they have chosen.  The Queen call out any rank but her own at any time.  If the player in that chair either does not answer quickly or calls out the wrong rank, she will be sent back as a Wench.  The rest of the players move up a rank and the play starts again.  As the night progresses it will become harder to remember your rank and call out quickly.  Makes things more interesting.

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