THIS ONE TIME, I THE GAME OF LUDICROUS LIFE CHOICES (PARTY EDITION) - Best Adult Icebreaker Card Game for Men & Women - Fun, Popular Pregame, Drinking & Party Game - Optional Rules - Ages 17+

THIS ONE TIME, I THE GAME OF LUDICROUS LIFE CHOICES (PARTY EDITION) - Best Adult Icebreaker Card Game for Men & Women - Fun, Popular Pregame, Drinking & Party Game - Optional Rules - Ages 17+
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Game Overview:Have you ever hooked up with someone within an hour of meeting them, or blacked out before 9 p. m. because you were too drunk?Unlike most of the party games you've played before,THIS ONE TIME, I... provides an opportunity for friends to relive their funny, dirty, and downright crazy life experiences. We've probed deep into the dirty pasts of many Americans to compile hundreds of ludicrous life choices that we can all relate to. The game is played with Confession Cards, which are examples of ludicrous life choices, and Rule Cards, which tell you how to play each round. Learning about yourself and friends has never been easier. Have you got the ovaries/balls? Game Play: Every round, a player selects a Red Rule Card from the top of the pile, and reads the instructions aloud. Each player must do as the Rule Card says. If you're guilty of an act detailed by a Blue Confession Card given to you, you must add it to your losing pile, face up in front of you until the end of the game, so that everyone can enjoy reliving your bad decisions. If you're not guilty of a Confession Card, you must scrap it. The first player to have 10 Confession Cards in their losing pile loses the game. There are no winners in this game, only losers. Recommendation: Alcohol. Confession Card Examples:THIS ONE TIME, I...FANTASIZED ABOUT SOMEBODY IN THIS ROOM. WAS SO DRUNK THAT I COULDN'T REMEMBER WHERE I LIVED. WAS STOPPED BY THE POLICE FOR INDECENT EXPOSURE. Customer Reviews:"...Full of laughs""...Lots of fun - had a blast." "... I can't stress this enough, this game is FUNNY!" Warning: This game is not for boring people. This game was created by three friends who have made one too many ludicrous life choices.

  • BEST ADULT CARD GAME: Everyone knows that the best, most insane stories start with THIS ONE TIME, I... and our adult card game gets those stories flowing with ease. Perfect for parties with groups of 3 to 12+. Get the party started by learning how to play in less than a minute!
  • THE OPPOSITE OF NEVER HAVE I EVER: THIS ONE TIME, I... is the exact opposite of NEVER HAVE I EVER because you don't want to know what everyone hasn't done, you want to hear what they have done. THIS ONE TIME, I... gets the night started off right by hearing stories about who's the craziest, dirtiest and wildest friend of the group!
  • PARTY EDITION FOR MEN AND WOMEN: If you've ever wondered whom amongst you has the most unbelievable, questionable stories, here's your chance to find out who's the king amongst bros and queen amongst girls! And ladies, we also have a GIRLS' NIGHT EDITION that's specifically for bachelorette parties and girls' night out too!
  • PERFECT FOR DRINKING GAMES, PARTIES AND PREGAMES: THIS ONE TIME, I... includes fun, explicit and hilarious material on 450 professionally printed, premium playing cards (with optional rules) that are sure to liven up any pregame or party with easy-to-follow instructions that even the drunkest person can understand.
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