Story Bowl: The Party Game for Groups | Adults, Teens, or Kids | Small or Large Groups | Family Holidays and Christmas

Story Bowl: The Party Game for Groups | Adults, Teens, or Kids | Small or Large Groups | Family Holidays and Christmas
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Story Bowl is a multi-round party game where your team guesses 3-word micro-stories by speaking, acting, squeaking and more. Designed for Groups-4-16+ players -Adults, Teens or Kids (must be able to read/write)-After holiday dinners, family game night, parties, and moreHow to PlayPlayers use prompt cards ("a nightmare you've had recently") to make 3-word micro-stories ("underwear speech school") based on their own experiences. Then teams take turns guessing as many micro-stories as possible. Once all the micro-stories have been guessed you move onto the next round. With each round clue-giving becomes more restricted, but you develop inside jokes together that make guessing easier.- Round 1 SPEAK Say anything you want (except one of the 3 words)- Round 2 ACT No more talking, only charades.- Round 3 SQUEAK You are only allowed to say one word (and it can't be one of the 3 in the micro-story)!After the last round, everyone shares the hidden stories behind their micro-stories! You can also play one of the optional bonus rounds:- GHOST STORY: Act under a sheet- FACE CHARADES: Use facial expressions- PUPPET SHOW: Use your hands- MOREPress"We had a blast with it" Parenting in Progress"I heard things about my friends-people I've known for decades-that I'd never heard before!" Forbes"This game will have you all laughing and you'll be creating memories that will last for years." Kelly's Thoughts on ThingsContents: 54 cards

  • THIS YEAR'S PERFECT STOCKING STUFFER. PLAY AT parties, holidays, after dinner, get togethers, gatherings, and more; Small to large groups of 4-15+ players
  • Adults, Teens, and/or Kids age 8+
  • 30-60 minutes playtimee
  • HILARIOUS GUESSING: Speak, act, under a sheet, hand puppet show, and more to help your team guess each other's micro-stories
  • LAUGH WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS with Story Bowl. A goofy, lighthearted, game where everyone hears each other's interesting stories
  • EVEN YOUR MOST DIFFICULT FRIENDS WILL LOVE IT. Story Bowl helps them write great micro-stories about themselves ("underwear speech school")
  • CREATE NEW INSIDE JOKES TOGETHER and hear amazing stories about each other you didn't know