MINDJOB: an adult party game that will blow your mind (optional drinking rules included)

MINDJOB: an adult party game that will blow your mind (optional drinking rules included)
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DERIVED FROM SCIENCE. ACADEMIC IT AIN'T. MINDJOB is an adult party game that uses conflicting visual and verbal cues to f&k with your mind. It exploits neural shortcuts taken by your brain when performing tasks such as reading, identifying colors, and even swearing. The challenge is to conquer your subconscious and break these hardwired connections before your brain outsmarts itself. HOW IT WORKSIn rapid-fire succession players take turns flipping over the top card in their hand. Once you have flipped over a card you must either identify a color or say a swear word. If you get it right, your card stays on the table and the next player goes. If you get it wrong, you have to pick up all the cards (or worse).The first person to get rid of their cards wins!The loser (player with the most cards) might end up with the jungle juice. NSFW AND DRINKING RULESThe deck comes loaded with dozens of optional rules to keep it fresh and challenging. Spice it up by adding rules such as "Clam Jammed", "Buffalo Club" or "Crossing Swords" among others. CONTENTSWhat: 85 playing cards. Who: 2-8 players (blend two decks for larger groups).Where: House parties. Pregame sessions. Brewpubs. Road trips. When: When you're old enough to party. How: Compact packaging easily slips into your back pocket or handbag.

  • MINDJOB is an adult card game that is a strange brew of science and profanity designed to f&k with your mind.
  • One minute you are swearing with impunity, the next you must conquer the urge to say your favorite word.
  • You must be ruthless in calling out the mistakes of others and make them pay for their mental ineptitude.
  • Let the evening escalate by choosing from dozens of optional NSFW and drinking rules.
  • Best served cold at house parties, pregame sessions, brewpubs and at the cottage.