Pink elephant gift exchange

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A Pink Elephant exchange is fun way to exchange presnts at Christmas. The tackiest present the better in this game.

Number of participants: 10+Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: High
Preparations: Set up a place to keep all the presents so that you don't forget one.  Count how many you have and write down numbers on peices of paper.  Add them all in a hat and let each guest choose a number.  Sit back and watch the fun.
Equipment: a wrapped present for each guest, paper for numbers, a hat to place the numbers in

This is a game that my family and friends have played for years.  One certain gift has made the rounds every year andhas been  fought over every year. You can play it during Christmas for presents or  for Christmas ornaments.  The object of the Pink Elephant gift exchange is to pick out the ugliest or tackiest  present for about $20 dollars or less. 

Each guest must bring a wrapped present without a name tag and put them in a pile.  The host will gather them together and count how many they have.  The amount of the presents will let you know how many small peices of paper you will need to write numbers on and place in a hat.  Let each guest choose a number and begin with the guest that has number one and than two and so on. 

Guest number one will choose a gift and open it.  The second person will choose another gift or has the option to take the present from number one.  If the second person does take the gift from number one, number one can choose another gift to open.  This is when the fun starts!

We usually wont let a present be stolen more than 3 or 4 times. 

Some gifts that have been bought for the Pink Elephant exchange are golf ball nail clippers, shot glasses for a pool table room, flamingo slippers and even a can of beans.  The only limit is your imagination.

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