Ping Pong Toss

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Toss the ping pong balls into the cans and earn fun prizes!

Number of participants: 1+
For: For kids and youths under 16
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: none
Equipment: 3 Empty Coffee Cans, Ping Pong Balls

Begin by collecting a few coffee cans to use in this game.  Prepare cans for use (clean and safely cover any metal pieces that can cause children injury).  Place cans and determine the throwing distances and create throwing lines based on age and/or abilities (ex: toddlers a few feet away, a 7 year old about 9 feet, etc…). Each player should get 3 ping pong balls to toss into the can.  Children should stand at their throwing line and toss each ping pong carefully into the can.  Each ball in the can is a point. Award prizes or candy based upon highest scoring or even for participation.  Encourage children to keep trying as the ping pong balls are likely to bounce right out of the can.

*If using metal coffee cans, be sure to hammer down or tape up the rim for safety.

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  1. jaden says:

    i have this game on the wii

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