Pin the Tail on the Donkey

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This well-loved game is easily played by children of all ages. Just pin your tail the closest to win!

Number of participants: 1+
For: For kids under 12 years
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: Draw or purchase a donkey picture. Create or purchase donkey tails. To make, cut string or spare materiel the length desired. Attach a tack or double sided tape to the top of the tail.
Equipment: Donkey Picture, Donkey Tails, Blindfold (neckerchief or scarf), marker

Hang a picture of the donkey on the wall, cork board, or on the refrigerator with magnets.  One player begins by stepping up to the donkey picture.  The player holds the “tail” of the donkey in their hand.  Place a blindfold over the player’s eyes and turn them around  3 times. The player will then walk up to wherever they think the donkey is and attempt to pin the tail on the donkey.  For younger children, adults can help guide them up to the picture.  Once the tail is pinned on, remove the blindfold and allow the child to see where they placed the tail  Mark the player’s name next to their tail, and continue this play for each child. The player whose tail is the closest, wins.

*This game can be altered for specific party themes.  A pirate party can use a picture of a pirate and players can pin the eye patch on.  A baseball party can use a picture of a catcher with an open catcher’s mitt and players can pin the baseball inside of it.

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One Response to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”

  1. Player says:

    In Sweden we call this game ‘Put the curly tail on the pig’. It’s a pretty fun game to play when you’re young!

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