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Concentration and team work are the keys to this game! Work together to get the orange to the end of the line!

Number of participants: 3+
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: none
Equipment: Orange or Tennis-Sized Ball

Line children up in a straight line about one foot apart from each other. The first child is given an orange that they will hold using only his/her neck and chin.  The first player will position the orange and then pass it to the player standing next to them using only their necks and chins, no hands.  The player will then pass the orange off to the next player in line in the same manner, and so on.  If the orange drops, then the orange will need to start at the beginning again.  If any player uses their hands, they will need to send the orange back a player and try again.  The game ends when all players have successfully passed the orange down the line without using hands to the last child.  This game can also be given a time limit so players will have to be speedy when passing off the orange.

*Oranges are typically used, but balls or other fruits (apples, pears, lemons, etc…) can also be used.

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