Orange Football

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Push an orange across the finish line first and win!

Number of participants: 5+
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: One pair of panty hose and two oranges for each player per race.
Equipment: You will need a few pairs of panty hose and bag of oranges.

“Orange Football” was originally called Apple Football.  You tie a string around an apple at one end and the other around your waste.  You use the apple to push a ball to the other side of the room first to win.  You can play with two players racing or have it between teams as a relay race.  The “Orange Football” version uses oranges of course.  You will need a pair of panty hose and two oranges.  One of the oranges you put in one leg of the panty hose.  The other leg of the panty hose you will use to tie around your waste.  The other orange will be pushed by the orange in the panty hose.  You will need to move your hips back and forth to push it across the room to the finish line.  The first one that pushes their orange across the finish line is the winner.

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