One Brown Bear

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Can you repeat the senteces without messing them up?

Number of participants: 3+
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: You will just need to make sure that you have alcohol or others can bring their own.
Equipment: alcohol

“One Brown Bear” is like a game that we used to all play in school.  This game is a bit different since it included alcohol. One player will start by saying the first sentence of ”One Brown Bear”. After everyone has said the first sentence, another is added, and everyone must go around and repeat both the first and second sentences together. Keep going until all ten sentences have been said. If you mess up you must take a drink.

Here are the sentences:

1. One brown bear.
2. Two fat ducks.
3. Three running hares.
4. Four fat females fixing for a fight.
5. Five silly skunks sitting on a stump.
6. Six Sicilian sailors sailing the seven seas. I’m the son of a Sicilian sailor.
7. Seven sock cutters cockily cutting socks. I’m the son of a sock cutter.
8. Eight fig pickers frolicking through the fields. I’m the son of a fig picker.
9. Nine neon nuns nestling in a nut hut. I’m the son of a neon nun.
10. Ten tall Texans telling ten other tall Texans tall tales. I’m the son of a tall Texan tale teller.

As you can tell is very hard to repeat all that if you’re sober, let alone after a few drinks! Enjoy.

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One Response to “One Brown Bear”

  1. Bill says:

    Here’s my version of the brown bear game:
    1 brown bear
    Couple a ducks
    3 French hens
    4 fast hares
    5 fickle females sittin on the fence
    6 Sicilian seamen sighing by the seashore
    7 Siamese kittens sittin sippin scotch
    8 elongated alligators elevated by an elevator
    9 naked nymphomaniacs kneeling near a nook
    and 10….
    I’m not a fig plucker nor a fig plucker’s son but I’ll pluck
    Figs till the fig plucker comes!

    This is a drinking/party game in which each person
    In the group says each line and adds the next each turn. The line must be repeated EXACTLY or it is a mistake.
    If the player makes a mistake he/she drinks a shot and starts over
    again and keeps going until they get it right. The winner is the person who can get through the 10 lines without making a mistake.
    Everyone else is…. well, just drunk

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