On a Desert Island

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You and your partner are stranded on a desert island but the island keeps getting smaller and smaller. Where or what do you do?

Number of participants: 3-5Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: The only thing you really need for this game are large peices of paper.
Equipment: large peices of paper, two couples

“On a Desert Island” requires two couples to play.  Each couple is given a large piece of paper.  The host or leader tells them to look at the piece of paper as a desert island and they are stranded on it.  They cannot go outside of the paper or they are in the ocean and will drown or be eaten by sharks.  Well, not really, but it sounds good.  The only play they can stay in on the island or piece of paper.  Now here comes the fun part of the game.  The paper will be folded in half, so now the size of the island is even smaller.  Next it is folded again and than again and so on.  The couples are supposed to figure out how to stay on the island that seems to get smaller and smaller together.  If either one lands outside of the paper, they lose the game.

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