Name Six

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It is players against the clock in this wordy circle game.

Number of participants: 5+
For: For kids over 7 years, youths and adults.
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: a small ball or beanbag, and a timer or clock

Have all the players sit in a circle. The host gives the ball (or beanbag) to one player and then calls out a letter of the alphabet while starting the timer. The player with the ball must quickly name six things that start with that letter of the alphabet, then pass the ball to another player,  who in turn names six more things. For example, the letter B might evoke  “big, boy, barrel, beach, bottle, blue.” Repeating things previously named is not allowed. The game continues in this manner until the timer rings off (after five minutes for a large group, three for a smaller one). Anyone who failed to  name six things, or who repeated a thing named by someone else, must drop out. Begin the game again with the smaller circle of players and a new letter of the alphabet. Eventually, one player will emerge as the Name Six Champion.

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