Musical Gifts

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Luck determines which party gift each guest receives!

Number of participants: 3+
For: For kids and youths under 16
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: Purchase, create, or ask each guest to bring a small present to share.
Equipment: Music, Gifts

This is a great game to be used as an ice breaker and allows each child to win a special gift.  Sit the children in a circle on the floor or in chairs, each holding a wrapped present that they brought with them or that the host has supplied (usually a simple $5 gift such as a book, game, etc…).  Start some music or lead the children in a song.  The children will all pass the wrapped gifts in the same direction while the music or song is playing.  When the music stops or the song has ended, the children will receive the gift that they are left holding.  If children are holding the gift they brought, start the game over.  Once the music stops, children unwrap their presents at the same time.  Children can also be allowed to trade and swap presents with each other if they wish to do so.  Everyone wins!

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