Murder In The Dark

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Can you figure out who the murderer is after the lights have gone off?

Number of participants: Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Yo need to make slips of paper and write on one murderer, one for detective and the rest for suspect.
Equipment: paper and pen

“Murder In the Dark” is a good game for groups of people. You will need to make enough slips of paper for each player or guest.  You need to write “murderer” on one paper, on another write “detective”, and on all of the rest write “suspect”. Hand out the slips of paper. The players cannot reveal who they are to the other players. A player will count to three and turns off the lights. Please make sure that the room you are using is safe to walk around in the dark. Now the game can begin. The murderer will find players and will tap them on the shoulder. If you are tapped on the shoulder and are a suspect, you can fall to the ground.  You can have fun and make some dying noises too. If you are tapped and you are the detective, you say “detective is dead”. If the detective is killed, the lights go on.  The dead suspects must pretend to be dead, and even the murderer himself can play dead. The detective then surveys the “bodies” and accuses who they think is the murderer. If they guess wrong, the murderer has won, but if they guess right, the detective has won.

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