Mother, May I?

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Don’t be the one to forget to ask “Mother, May I?” before you move or you will have to start over!

Number of participants: 3+
For: For kids under 6 years.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: none.
Equipment: none.

Establish a starting and finish line.  Pick one player to be the leader, or the “Mother”.  The rest of the children line up at the start line and await the leaders instructions.  The leader will then call out instructions such as, “2 Steps Forward”, “3 Jumps backwards”, etc…   All instructions should include a number count (1, 2, 3, etc…), action (jump, hop, skip, etc…), and direction (forward, backward, etc…).  The players must each ask “Mother, May I?” and given permission to move before they move. If they move before they ask, they go back to the start line. If they move before Mother allows them to, they also go back to the start line.  The first child to make it across the finish line is the winner and becomes the Mother for the next game.

*This game is great for younger children.  Be sure to encourage children to be silly and energetic to enhance their enjoyment of the game.

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