M&M Game

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Try to move your M&M’s from one cup to the other by only using a straw.

Number of participants: 3+
For: adults.
Intensity level: High
Preparations: You will just need to have 2 empty cups, a straw and 6 M&M's or Smarties per couple on hand for the game.
Equipment: 2 empty cups, straw and 6 M&M's or Smarties per couple

The “M&M Game” is a great game for singles or couples to play.  You will need two small cups and a straw per couple that plays the game.  Separate the guests into teams of two to play the game.  The teams must consist of one male and one female player.  You will need to add six M&M’s or Smarties into only one of the cups.  Place the cup with M&M’s at the feet of the male player and have them hold the empty cup between their legs.  When the game is ready to begin say GO and watch the fun unfold.  The female player must kneel on their knees in front on the male player and try to suck the M&M’s or Smarties with the straw.  They will need to take the M&M’s or Smarties from their cup and put them into the empty cup between their partners legs.  The first couple to finish is the winner.

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