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Can you drink while someone is trying to make you laugh?

Number of participants: 5+
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: You will need to have a stocked bar or soda and juice on hand for this game. Some should taste good and some should taste bad.
Equipment: different drinks that taste good and bad

Each player gets a cup of soda, juice or caffeinated beverage. Nice, huh?  Just wait til you read the next part of the rules.  Make some taste bad (but still drinkable), and some that taste good. Please do not make them poisonous, and water is not a good choice for this game.  Each player should not know what kind of drink they have received. Each player is given a drink. There is one player chosen to lead the other players during the game. The lead will  try to make the first player laugh. The leader will only have 20 seconds to get them to laugh. The first player will be drinking their assigned drink at the same time that the leader is trying to make them laugh. While drinking, if any of the drink from the players drink spills out, they are out of the game. Players usually spit out their drink because they are laughing at the same time, or because they do not like the drink! The person who avoids spitting or spilling their drink wins.

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