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Just when you think it is safe to kiss, someone else gets in the way!

Number of participants: 10+Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: High
Preparations: This game does not take much time to get ready.  You just need cards with pictures and numbers.  You can either find cards that already have pictures or numbers, or you could make your own with index cards.
Equipment: cards with pictures, cards with numbers

“Kiss” is just what it sounds like, a kissing game of sorts for adults.  When your guests arrive, you give the men cards with a picture on them and the ladies cards with numbers.  Once everyone is there, have them sit in a circle and choose a leader.  The leader will than sit in the middle and choose a picture and a number.  The girl with the number the leader has picked must kiss the leader.  To make things hard, the man who has the picture that the leader chose, will try to keep the girl from kissing the leader.  The man with the picture must make her kiss him instead. If the man with the picture does kiss the girl, he hands over the picture to the leader and takes his place.  Now it is his turn to choose a card with a picture and a card with a number.  The game can go on as long you want and does not require a actual winner at the end.

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