Kiss The Donkey

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Kiss the donkey, now kiss your neighbor in the same place!

Number of participants: 10+Not specified
For: adults.
Intensity level: High
Preparations: You will only have to have a empty bottle.
Equipment: one empty bottle

“Kiss The Donkey” is a simple game but can only be played only once during the party.  The surprise can only surprise your guests once.  You will need an empty bottle of wine or whatever type of bottle you have handy.  You will raise the bottle up over your head to get the guests attention and yell out, “I kissed the donkey on the head.”  Follow that by kissing the top of the bottle.  You will than pass the bottle to the right and that player will need to repeat what you just said but change the area to kiss on the donkey.  This will continue until every player has kissed the donkey.  Once a body part has been chosen, it cannot be used again in the circle.  Have the players repeat the process but going left instead of right.  They will need to choose a body part to kiss on the donkey again.  This is where you will reveal the funny part of the game to your guests.  Everyone that has played must kiss their neighbor exactly where they kissed the donkey.  You will start by kissing your neighbor on your right by kissing them on the head. That person will kiss their neighbor on the right and so on.  Remember to go to the left when finished.

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