Jelly Bean Jar

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Simple and fun, children of all ages enjoy guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar!

Number of participants: 1+
For: For kids and youths under 16
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: Count the jelly beans (or other candy).
Equipment: Jar, Jelly Beans

Begin by purchasing and counting out the number of jelly beans that will be used in this contest.  After counting, pour the jelly beans into a clear jar or container.  Place the jar full of jelly beans in the center of a table or on the counter.  Allow each child a chance to hold the jar and to guess the number of jelly beans that they think may be inside.  Write down each child’s guess and when all children have had a chance, announce the actual total.  The child who chose the number closest to the total wins the contest and is awarded the jar of jelly beans.

*Can be played with other candies: M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, Gummy Bears, etc…

*Can also be played with non-food items: buttons, little rubber bouncy balls, marbles, etc…  For party themes, the jar can contain items pertaining to the theme: pirate gold for pirate parties, candied Easter eggs for an Easter party, and more.

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