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The more questions are asked, the more fun this verbal grilling game becomes.

Number of participants: 3-10
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: a chair for the suspect

The group chooses one player to be the murder suspect for interrogation. It doesn’t matter exactly what he/she is accused of doing. Everyone begins asking the suspect questions, the more ridiculous, the better. For example, “What did you use to the murder the victim?” or “What did you do with the money you stole?” or “Where did you hide the body?” No matter what question the suspect is asked, he/she can only answer one word: “Knickers!” If the suspect giggles, chuckles or even smiles, then he/she┬áis out and a new player becomes the suspect. The group’s goal is to keep making the suspect(s) break down in laughter. No winner, just lots of fun.

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