Indoor Figure Skating

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A graceful performance will win points, but be sure to keep your spaghetti intact.

Number of participants: 3+
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Select appropriate fast-paced music to play.
Equipment: a length of raw spaghetti for each pair, a music source that can start/stop, paper and pencil for scoring (optional)

Have players pair off, preferably in male-female combinations, but split up any married or dating couples. Give each pair a long piece of uncooked spaghetti. The host serves as a Master of Ceremonies, Head Judge¬†and Disc Jockey. Start the music and announce the first couple to perform for the group. The couple must face each other and put the opposite ends of the spaghetti stick in their mouths. They then begin moving around the room gracefully like figure skaters, dipping, spinning, turning, jumping, and gliding, without letting go of the spaghetti. Creativity counts. When the music stops (after a minute or so), the host asks three random players to judge the performance on a scale of one to ten, with ten being perfect. The pair’s total is the sum of the three scores, with 30 being the highest possible. Continue announcing new pairs and having them skate, then judged. The winning pair is the one with the highest score.

NOTE: Good music is fast music, like YMCA or Flight of the Bumble Bee. If the spaghetti piece breaks during the performance, have the pair continue using the longest of the broken pieces remaining.

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