Indoor Bowling

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Children can enjoy a game of bowling inside!

Number of participants: 1-10
For: For kids under 6 years.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Collect 10 empty plastic soda bottles. Purchase rubber ball.
Equipment: 10 Empty Plastic Soda Bottles, Rubber Ball

Begin by setting up the bowling pins on a flat, hard floor (tile, cement, etc…) and determining a line to throw from.  Place 10 pins (empty plastic soda bottles) in a tight triangle on the floor.  The triangle should start with one pin in the front row, 2 pins for the second row, 3 pins for the third row, and end with 4 pins in the last row.   Allow children to take turns, each with one toss of the ball per turn.  The children will stand about 8 feet away at the throw line and roll the ball towards the pins trying to knock as many down as they can.  To keep score, it is one point per pin.  For children who knock down all pins, also called a strike, they are allotted 12 points.   Prizes can be given out to the highest scoring child, or given to all participating children.

*For younger children, do not keep score.  Just allow children to continuously take turns knocking down the pins.

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