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The object of the game is to win with the best two-card poker hand. A pair of aces is the top hand, followed by other pairs in order. If nobody has a pair, then the highest two-card combination wins.

One person is the dealer, who shuffles the deck and deals out two cards to each player. Players may not look at their own cards.  Instead, they hold the cards to their foreheads, facing out like Indian feathers, so everyone else may see their cards.

The dealer counts down, “Three, two, one, INDIAN!” At the sound of “Indian,” players who want to drop out must drop their cards. Those left holding cards to their foreheads are “in.” They then show their cards to each other. The player with the top two-card poker hand wins. Losers pay the winner one counter. The deal then passes to the next player to the dealer’s left and play continues until someone runs out of counters. The person with the most counters collected at the end wins.