“I Never…” Bachelorette Party Game

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There really isn’t a winner but you will learn some funny secrets about your friends.

Number of participants: 5+
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Before the party begins, write down on peices of paper "I have never done..." and fill in the blanks.  Put them all in a bowl or hat.  If you know some funny secrets of one of the ladies, add it and have some fun.
Equipment: Paper and pen, bowl, hat

All the ladies sit around in a circle or sit around a  table. Each lady will read a phrase starting with “I Never” that she picked out of a hat or bowl. Whoever has done the act must drink. The Ladies that have not, wont drink.  You can make up phrases for the guests to read or follow the list below.  It is a bit more fun to make up your own.  This way it becomes a little more personal.  If you have a friend that did something really embarrassing in school, write it down.  Be careful because it may come back around to get you.  Just don’t make up phrases about the bachelor because the bride will more than likely take offense and there goes the party.  Plus, it is in bad taste.

o Cheated on a boyfriend
o Went skinny-dipping
o Lied about my age.
o Lied about my weight.
o Lied about my height
o Stuffed my bra.
o Used food in the bedroom.
o Did a striptease for my steady.
o Had a striptease done for me.
o Had a one nigh stand. 
o Wore a skirt without underwear.
o Had Liposuction
o Had sex in a car.
o Had sex in the living room.
o Have been tied up.
o Had sex on an airplane.
o Had sex in an elevator.
o Had sex in a swimming pool or hot tub.
o Had sex outside.
o Shoplifted.
o Threw up in public.
o Woke up with a man who I didn’t know.
o Participated in a hot-oil massage
o Fooled around with someone a friend liked.
o Kissed another woman.
o Kissed two different guys in one night.
o Went out with a married man.
o Had a homosexual dream.
o Sunbathed Nude.

These are just ideas.  Change them around to go with your party and guests.

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