Hula Toss

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Players toss footballs or frisbees through these hanging hula hoops!

Number of participants: 1+
For: For kids and adults of all ages.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: none
Equipment: Hula Hoops, Soft Footballs or Frisbees, Rope

Purchase 3 hula hoops.  Prepare the game by hanging the hula hoops with string or rope from the ceiling or trees. Be sure to hang the hula hoops at an appropriate height for the children who will be playing. Players are to be given soft footballs or frisbees to toss through the hula hoops.  Line children up and give each the chance to toss the football or frisbees through the hula hoops.  Prizes can be awarded based on getting the ball through the hula hoop or based on participation.

*Any ball can be used in this toss.

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