How Low Can You Go?

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This musical game is a hit! Dance along without touching the pole to win!

Number of participants: 3+
For: For kids and youths under 16
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: none
Equipment: Pole (Broomstick, Mop), Music

Begin by setting up the limbo stick.  Have two adults hold a pole at the children’s height. Play some Carribean or Reggae music for added fun. Children then take turns going under the pole without touching it while other players chant “How Low Can You Go?”. Children can bend backwards, crawl, and do anything they like as long as they do not touch the pole. If the pole is touched, that player is out. Each round consists of all players having a turn to go under the pole.  After each child goes under, the adults lower the pole by a few inches.  Each child takes another turn and then that round is over.  If a child touches the pole, then they are out of the game.  This game play continues until only one child remains. The child that outlasts the rest is pronounced the winner.  Awards can be given out to first, second, and third places.

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