Hot Potato

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Get rid of the potato before the leader shouts “Hot Potato” to win the game!

Number of participants: 3+
For: For kids under 12 years
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: none
Equipment: Potato

Begin by choosing a large area to play in and position the children in a circle standing up. Choose one child to be the leader and change that leader with each game played. The leader closes their eyes and begins the round by passing the potato to the child standing next to him/her.  The leader should then step out of the circle and keep his or her eyes closed. Children do not want to be the one left holding the potato at the end of the round so they begin to quickly pass the potato, holding it only for a second and then tossing to the next child, until the leader shouts “Hot Potato”. Whichever player  is left holding the potato is out of the game and should step out of the circle.  Each round will end with one child out of the game.  The last child standing without the potato is the winner.

*Other items can be substituted for the potato.  Balls, eggs, etc…

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