Hot Potato - Adult Version

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The adult version of hot potato can be fun but be careful of what you pick, because you will have to wear it.

Number of participants: 5+
For: adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Before the party you will need to go shopping for prizes to put in the box.  Pick small things that can be wrapped or placed in small boxes.  You may want to buy two of everthing so the game can go on for a while.  Pick out some music too.
Equipment: box, little boxes, wraping, prizes that will fit in the box or boxes, music

The adult version of “Hot Potato” is a bit different than the child version.  Instead of using a ball or a potato, you use a box.  Instead of throwing the items, you wear one from the box.  You will need to decide how racy you want to party to be when you shop for the items in the box.  Nothing ruins a party like someone who becomes offended.  You can buy things like a shower cap, underwear, stockings, garter belt, bra, beaded necklace, feather boa and any other items that can fit in a box.  It might also be a good idea to buy two of some of the items. To play you will also need music because when the music stops, the player holding the box needs to pick something from the box.  They will need to wear the item they choose through the game.  To make it harder to choose an item, wrap them up or put them in little boxes.  This way they really will be surprised when they choose.

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