Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Laughter is not the goal of this game, but it’s impossible to stop it from happening!

Number of participants: 3-10
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Have everyone take their shoes off and get comfortable.
Equipment: None or not specified.

Have each player lie down on the floor with his/her head resting on another player’s stomach like pillow. If positioned correctly, it is possible to  form a complete circle (or a serpentine line up and down the room).  Anyone can start the game by saying “Ha!” The person’s whose stomach is beneath his/her head then says “Ha! Ha!” Players continuing adding another “Ha!” in order, “Ha! Ha! Ha!” for the third player, “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” for the fourth, and so on. The game stops when any player loses count and says the wrong number of Ha’s, or when a player breaks out laughing.  That player then has to leave the circle, the circle reforms, and play starts over at one “Ha!” with the last person to get the count right. The game continues until there are just two players left, the winners!

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