Go Fish!

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This popular game requires patience as you go fishing for sets of four cards.

Number of participants: Not specified
For: For kids over 7 years, youths and adults.
Intensity level: Low
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: deck of playing cards

This game is most fun with 3-6 players, but two can also play. The dealer distributes five cards to each player. The undealt cards are stacked face down. The player to the left of the dealer begins by asking any other player if he/she has a card of a specific rank. For example, “Do you have any threes?”

To ask for any card, a player has got to hold at least one card of that rank. If the player who was asked does have any cards of the requested rank, he/she has to give all such cards of that value to the player who asked for them, then the asking player gets another turn to request cards from any other player.

However, if the person being asked doesn’t  have any of the requested cards, the the response is ”Go Fish!” That means the player who asked has to draw the top card from the undealt stack, and the player who said “Go Fish!” gets a chance to ask for cards.

One exception is if the card drawn from the stack is the rank asked for. Then the asker shows it to everyone and still gets another turn. Otherwise, the drawn card must be kept without showing it.

As soon as any player collects a set of four matching cards of the same rank, the four cards must be shown to everyone, then discarded face down in front of the player. The game continues until any player runs out of cards or the stack runs out. The winner is the player with the most captured sets.

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