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Try to figure out the game frustration without getting frustrated.

Number of participants: 3+
For: For youths over 12 years and adults.
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Nothing
Equipment: Nothing

The game “Frustration” can become very annoying quickly for those that do not know the rules. Have the guests that want to play sit around a table. Start the game by saying the  following phrase “I went to the party and took a bottle of wine, but I didn’t take a pink panther” or something as bizarre. Play follows around the table to your left and each player must make a correct statement. There are strict rules regarding what you can and can’t “take to the party”. Those who know will enjoy watching those that don’t get frustrated.  They will be frustrated until they guess the reason why that couldn’t take anything before. The secret is that you may only take to the party an item containing double letters, an example: - “A green hat” - “A daffodil” - “A mammoth” .  The items you can’t take do not contain double letters. Those who get it wrong will need to take a drink. Play will continue until everyone has figured out the special rule.

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