Flashlight Tag

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Played in the evening, this game of hide and seek is great for older children.

Number of participants: 3+
Intensity level: High
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: Flashlight

This game is a fun tag game to be played outside after dark. Determine a spot to be used as the “jail”. This should be a well-lit area not in the game area.  Choose a child to be “it” or the seeker, and give him or her a flashlight.  The seeker or “it” starts at the jail, closes their eyes, and counts to 100 while the other children hide. After counting, the seeker searches for the other players with the flashlight. To be tagged, the seeker must point the flashlight at another player and be able to identify who they are. Once identified, the player has to go to “jail” and wait there until all the other players are caught and jailed.  Once complete, another player is choosen as “it” and a new game begins.

*Safety is important for this game.  Since it is played in the dark outside, be sure to limit the game to a certain area that is known by all players.  Also be sure to pick up any debris that can cause harm to players (logs they can trip on, shovels, etc…)

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