Elephant King

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This game will test teens’ memories and create laughter from confusion.

Number of participants: 3+
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: circle of chairs (optional)

Have everyone sit in a circle. Each play must decide what animal they will be. They also need to come up with a gesture that represents their chosen animal. A duck, for example, might have flapping wings. A gorilla might pound his chest. One player starts the game as the Elephant King and his or her gesture is to hold an arm out in front of their nose and wave it like an elephant trunk. Elephant King is the leader of the circle. Place an empty chair or space between him/her and the player to his her left.

The game begins when the Elephant King makes his/her signal followed by another player’s animal gesture. That player immediately has to make his/her own gesture and that of another player.  The game continues until someone makes a mistake.  The player who made the mistake goes to the end of the circle and the other players all move up.

Each player’s goal is to become the Elephant King. This happens when the current Elephant King makes a mistake and must go to the end of the circle. The old Elephant King then must become whatever animal the new Elephant King was and use his/her gesture. The new Elephant King needs to remember that they are now using the Elephant King gesture. It can get confusing, which adds to the fun! Continue play as long as interest is high.

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  1. Gud game says:

    Gud game ! Seems interesting will Play it tomorrow for a group party! n then comment further!

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