Egg Toss

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This traditional outdoor game is a favorite at picnics and reunions, and it helps clean out the refrigerator.

Number of participants: 3+
Intensity level: Medium
Preparations: Get enough raw eggs so that everyone can have a chance to play.
Equipment: one raw egg for each pair of players

Split up into pairs. Have the couples face each other, standing two feet apart. Give a raw egg to one partner in each pair. Have the player with the egg toss it to the other partner, who should catch it without letting it break. After each pair has had a toss, have everyone holding an unbroken egg take two steps back. Pairs that broke their eggs are out of the game. Next, have each player with an egg toss it back to the other partner. Repeat this, tossing and stepping back, until only one couple has an unbroken egg.

You can substitute water balloons for eggs. They are a little less messy when they break.

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One Response to “Egg Toss”

  1. Hayls says:

    VERY MESSY!!! Needs players old enough to have good hand-eye coordination.

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