Don’t Spill the Beans

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If you can hold on to a handful of beans while you somersault, you could win this relay.

Number of participants: 5+
For: For kids over 7 years, youths and adults.
Intensity level: High
Preparations: None or not specified.
Equipment: two large bags of dry beans, two large bowls

Divide the group into two equal teams. Players line up behind each other at the starting line, where two large bags of dry beans have been placed. The first player on each team reaches into the bag and grabs one handful of beans. When the host shouts “Go!” the first players begin somersaulting toward the finish line. Walking, running or jumping are not allowed. Upon crossing the finish line, each player puts his beans in a large team bowl, then runs back to the starting line to tag the next teammate in line, who then repeats the bean grab and somersaulting action. The first team to get all of their players across the finish line and back receives one extra handful of beans in their bowl. The beans are then counted and the team with the most beans collected wins.

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